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Hello, Me!: for yourself in the past and the future

Hello, Me!: for yourself in the past and the future. What would happen if you from the past suddenly appeared in front of you? That’s what happened to Ban Hani, the teenage version of himself suddenly appeared in front of him and started to make him remember what he was that he had forgotten for a long time. Adult Hani tires are 180° different from juvenile Hani tires. Ehmm, what is the reason why Ban Hani teenagers are stranded in the future, huh?

The timeslip theme is Kwak’s favorite theme. This drama is also unique, if the main character usually returns to the past and fixes things, in this drama the main character from the past comes to the present. Of course, because he comes from the past, there is no tension to change past and present like other timeslip-themed dramas.


Ban Ha Ni is a single woman in her mid-30s who feels her life is not progressing. He is single not by choice but less attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. His life was not interesting at all, even his family ignored him. Until suddenly he was 17 years old came. When he was still a teenager, he reminded himself of the dreams and passion he had, which enabled him to awaken himself to develop.

Drama Details Hello, Me!

Title: ? ! / Annyeong? Naya! /Hello? It’s Me!
Genre: Comedy, romance, fantasy
Episodes: 16
TV Stations: KBS2, Netflix
Showtime: 17 February 2021 – 8 April 2021
Showtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30KST
Production House: Beyond J, Icemaker Movie Works
Director: Lee Hyun Suk
Book Author: Kim Hye Jung
Screenwriter: Yoo Song Yi

hello me

Lack of Drama Hello, Me!

The shortcomings of this drama began to appear in the middle of the drama, where finally the antagonist role appeared, which turned out to be the greedy aunt of Han Yu-Hyeon (Kim Young Kwang). As usual, sometimes betrayal does come from the closest person, hehe. In my opinion, this is a bit annoying, but fortunately, there is only one evil actor and it doesn’t spread everywhere. Product Placement in the style of shooting commercials is also often seen, especially towards the end of the drama. TV ratings, which are only around 2% – 5%, make this drama seem less attractive and popular for K-drama viewers.

In terms of ratings, the drama Hello, It’s Me received a fairly low rating even though it was broadcast on national TV and Netflix. This drama is also arguably not as popular as 18 Again which has a similar premise which is about having a second chance for the main character to improve his life.

I as a viewer can understand the low rating achieved by this drama, Hello, It’s Me. As a family drama, Hello, It’s Me has a plot that is not strong enough and is a bit hollow. The main character who is said to be weak may also be one of the reasons why this drama is not interesting enough. Even compared to the adult Ha Ni, the figure of Oh Ji Eun, who was Bahn Ha Ni’s best friend in high school, was more eye-catching than Ha Ni’s story. Fortunately, there is a cheerful young Bahn Ha Ni which is enough to make this drama interesting to watch.

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