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Itaewon Class: The struggle to chase dreams

Itaewon Class: The struggle to chase dreams. The drama Itaewon Class is a popular drama that netizens talk about, including my office friends. Not just one or two people, but several people. Not only girls but guys too! Some even claim to have watched it twice.


Synopsis Itaewon Class itself is the story of Park Sae Ro Yi who has to experience a series of bad events because of the actions of people from the Jangga group, namely Jang Dae-Hee as the president director and their son Jang Geun-Won. Sae Ro Yi had to be expelled from school for defending his schoolmate who was bullied by Jang Geun-Won, as well as Sae Ro Yi’s father who worked at the Jangga Group had to leave. It didn’t stop there, the father was killed by Jang Geun-Won’s car, which instead ran away and blamed others.

Park Sae Ro Yi who did not accept then attacked Jang Geun-Won and ended up in prison for several years. The case was not revealed Park Sae Ro Yi was imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Oh Soo Ah is Park Sae Ro Yi’s father’s favorite child at the orphanage. Sae Ro Yi’s father prepared tuition fees for Oh Soo Ah under the pretext of asking to be reimbursed twice if he was successful later. Who would have thought, Park Sae Ro Yi, who initially hated Oh Soo Ah because of a bad first impression, turned out to like him?

Sae Ro Yi’s struggle after being released from prison to take revenge lasted a long time until he finally made a restaurant with his colleagues. On his journey, Sae Ro Yi meets and is accompanied by Jo Yi Seo who loves him, as well as his friends who are always loyal.

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Why Should You Watch Itaewon Class?

1. First, for Park Seo-Joon’s fans, this is his drama comeback after a one-year hiatus. The last drama played by Seo-Joon himself was What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018). Seo-Joon is also known to be very selective in choosing dramas, it’s not surprising if the dramas he plays always have high ratings.

2. This drama is Kim Da-Mi’s first drama, which was previously popular thanks to her role as a terrible witch in the thriller film The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion

3. The story of the Korean drama Itaewon Class will most likely focus on the slice of life genre so it will be very relatable to many viewers. The storyline is easy to digest and predict.

This drama began airing on January 31, 2020, and is planned to end on March 21, 2020, with 16 episodes. It currently airs on the JTBC channel and Netflix platform every Friday and Saturday.

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