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18 Again: The Story of a Young Man Back

18 Again: The Story of a Young Man Back. Korean drama 18 Again is a romantic fantasy Korean drama that airs on JTBC starting September 21, 2020, with 16 episodes. The drama can also be watched via the VIU streaming platform. Reporting from the IMDb site, the drama, directed by Ha Byung Hoon, received a pretty good rating of 8.3 out of 10.

Synopsis of drama 18 again

Adapted from the American series 17 Again which aired in 2009, this drama tells the story of the domestic life between Hong Dae Yong and Jung Da Jung who is on the verge of divorce. But something unexpected happened, suddenly 37-year-old Hong Dae Yong returned to his young 18-year-old body.

18 again drama

Drama Details 18 Again

Hangul: 18
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Based on: 17 Again by Jason Filardi
Written by: Ahn Eun-bin, Choi Yi-ryool, Kim Do-Yeon
Episodes: 16
Original release: September 21 – November 10, 2020


Meanwhile, with the help of his friend Go Deok Jin (Kim Kang Hyun), he changes his identity to Go Woo Young and tries to adapt again. Woo Young enrolls as a high school student at the school where his twins study. At that moment, Woo Young tries to fix everything he didn’t do when he was in his 37-year-old body.

That’s because Woo Young is aware that there are many things he doesn’t know about Da Jung and her twins. He tries to always be there for his family when problems hit. He continues to provide support as the first fan of Jung Da Jung who started her career as an announcer. Woo Young also invites his son, Hong Shi Woo (Ryeoun) to play basketball with confidence and always looks after and entertains his daughter, Hong Si Ah (Noh Jeong Hee).

This drama presents many touching moments of a father and mother who cares for their children. In addition, this drama also presents several conflicts that usually occur between couples, even after they get married. The audience is also invited to feel and support when Dae Young and Da Jung try to resolve their misunderstandings so far. Director Ha Byung Hoon mentioned that 18 Again is a drama that tries to show individual stories and conflicts between husband and wife.

Each story in the drama is also devoted to one episode to clarify the domestic situation that occurred. This drama is very worth watching because it presents a lot of positive values ​​for families. Such as daring to continue to pursue dreams even though they are already married to how important family support is for each other. The values ​​in this drama also show that the family has a very important function in the growth of a child.

Various parodies and witty humor in each episode make this drama not boring either. In addition, the audience is also curious about how the story of the meeting between Hong Dae Yong and Jung Da Jung when they were young.

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