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A Love So Beautiful: the excitement of teenage love

A Love So Beautiful: the excitement of teenage love. The Korean drama A Love So Beautiful has become quite a netizen conversation because this drama is a remake of a drama that has aired in China. Incidentally, the drama that has already aired in China is predicted to be very good. I haven’t watched it yet, just following the phenomenon of comparing each other on Twitter is interesting.

Many doubt that the Korean version of A Love So Beautiful will not be as good as the original. Some highlight the cast who are considered less fit.

Synopsis of Drama A Love So Beautiful

The Korean drama A Love So Beautiful tells the love story of Shin Sol I – Cha Heon and the friendship of five people since high school.

Since high school, Shin Sol I have always liked Cha Heon and openly expresses his feelings. Even Shin Shol I openly pursues Cha Heon and shows his love. FYI, Shin Sol, I, and Cha Heon have been friends since childhood because they live in the same apartment building.

The cheerful Shin Sol I continues to chase Cha Heon who keeps acting cool even though he wants to. In addition, A Love So Beautiful also presents a love triangle story where Dae Sung is present in their midst.

The twists and turns of the five people’s friendship and romance ensued, and they remained friends well into their 30s.

a love so beautiful drama

Drama Details A Love So Beautiful

Hangul: 아름다웠던 우리에게
Genre: Romantic, comedy, youth
Developed by: Kakao M
Written by: Choi Yoo-Jung, Jang Yoo-Yeon
Original release: December 28, 2020 – February 20, 2021

Player Profile:

This school romantic drama will be played by Kim Yo Han and So Ju Yeon as the main characters. Kim Yo Han is known through the survival program on Mnet, Produce X 101, and was a member of the boy group X1 which debuted in 2019. After the group was disbanded, Kim Yo Han re-debuted with his newest group, Wei in October 2020.

A Love So Beautiful is his first project as the main character and at the same time his first acting debut on the small screen. Previously, Kim Yo Han had appeared as a cameo in the KBS2 drama, Zombie Detective. Besides starring in A Love So Beautiful, this year Kim Yo Han will also appear in another school drama, School 2021 (KBS2) as the male lead.

Meanwhile, Kim Yo Han’s co-star is an actress who is more senior than him, So Ju Yeon. The 1993-born actress made her acting debut through the horror film, The Whispering in 2018. After that, he often starred in other dramas such as My Healing Love (2018), I Hate Going to Work (2019), Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), and Birthcare Center (2020). So Ju Yeon’s name became known to the public since starring in the popular drama Dr. Romantic 2.

A Love So Beautiful is So Ju Yeon’s first drama lined up as the female lead. Besides A Love So Beautiful, So Ju Yeon’s drama currently being broadcast is Lovestruck in the City. The drama also airs on KakaoTV and Netflix.

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