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Law School: Mystery of murder in law school

Law School: Mystery of murder in law school. Law School is Kim Bum’s latest drama which tells the story of a terrible and shocking incident that occurred at a prestigious college. The following is a synopsis of the Korean drama Law School.

Synopsis Law School

Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min) is a former prosecutor who is now a professor at a prestigious law school. Jong-hoon has a frank character and often makes scathing comments to his students.

This made the students at the school less fond of Yang Jong-hoon. However, Yang Jong-hoon did not care and remained focused on developing legal human resources. Professor Kim Eun-sook (Lee Jung-Eun) is the only colleague she can talk to much.

Meanwhile, Kang Sol (Ryu Hye-young) and Han Joo-hwi (Kim Bum) are first-year law school students.

Kang Sol comes from an underprivileged family who manages to enter law school. There, he was surrounded by intelligent students who were rich and made him feel ashamed and insecure.

Drama Law School Details:

Genre: Legal drama
Created by: JTBC
Written by: Seo In
Directed by: Kim Seok-Yoon
Episodes: 16
Distributors: JTBC, Netflix
Original release: April 14, 2021 – present

law school drama


In the first episode that the drama ‘Law School’ aired, they started the story with an unprecedented law school murder case, Kim Myung-min was immediately arrested as the main suspect.

In the first episode, the main character of the drama, an elite prosecutor who exudes intense charisma, is arrested as a suspect in a shocking murder case and legal issues related to reality such as the crime of bribery are delivered by actors and actresses without any flaws, even this premiere episode. considered to increase the curiosity of the audience to watch the drama again and again.

Reach high ratings on first impressions

Shortly after airing their first episode, the rating results for the premiere of the drama ‘Law School’ have been announced.

It is known that the drama starring Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, and Lee Jung Eun recorded an average rating of 5.1% nationwide and 5.7% in the Seoul metropolitan area for episode 1.

The Korean drama Law School will not air episode 10 on May 13, 2021.

The drama Law School, starring Kim Bum, in episode 9 will still air on May 12, 2021, while episode 10 has been delayed.

This is because on May 13, 2021, JTBC will broadcast the Baeksang Arts Awards, so the broadcast of the drama Law School episode 10 had to be postponed.

Instead, JTBC will air a special episode of the drama Law School which can be watched tomorrow, May 11, 2021, entitled ‘Law School Commentary.’

Law School tells the story of students and professors from a top law school in South Korea who get caught up in an unusual case.

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