Korean Drama Mouse Review. Mouse is a Korean drama that was just released in March 2021. Carrying the thriller genre, this drama stars 4 main players, Jeong Ba-reum played by Lee Sung-gi as a kind-hearted policeman.

Oh Bong-yi is played by Park Ju-hyun as a victim of child abuse, Sung Yo-han is played by Kwon Hwa-woon as the son of a psychopath killer, and Go Moo-chi is played by Lee Hee-joon as a victim of the murder of a psychopath.

This tvN Korean drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.30 Korean Standard Time (KST), which means at 20.30 WIB. So far, 11 episodes have been running. In Indonesia, this Korean drama can only be seen on Viu. Too bad it’s not showing on Netflix either.

Mouse Drama

Synopsis Mouse Drama

[Spoiler Alert!] Mouse tells of Han Seo-joon (Ahn Jae-wook) who works as a famous surgeon. After working overseas, Geez Han Seo-joon had problems in the hospital and then returned to Korea. Han Seo-joon has a best friend while at an overseas hospital named Daniel Lee (Jo Jae-yoon), a psychopathic gene researcher.

After returning to Korea, Han Seo-joon gets married and works at a famous hospital. Daniel Lee also visited him while in Korea to attend a meeting. He was happy to see his best friend was married and would soon have children. They met and talked for a long time at Han Seo-joon’s house.

One morning, the police came to Han Seo-joon’s house to search the family murder case. Han Seo-joon, who was initially evasive, after the discovery of a human head on a snowman finally couldn’t dodge anymore and was imprisoned. Several years later, Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon), a child who survived the family murder incident, becomes a detective. He has a grudge against Han Seo-joon who killed his parents and left his brother physically disabled.

Go Moo-chi tried to kill Han Seo-joon by killing the criminal he caught. However, these attempts always fail. In a murder case on location, Go Moo-chi meets Jeong Ba-reum, a well-known friend and neighbor of Oh Bong-yi, a girl who was abused as a child and escalated by Go Moo-chi. A serial murder case that reappears after 25 years, makes Go Moo-chi turn off the Han Seo-joo case.

He, too, is with Jeong Ba-reum and detective television show producer Choi Hong-ju (Kyung Soo-jin). Go Moo-chi thinks the murder case was carried out by a psychopath like Han Seo-joon.

Never finding the killer, the police received a lot of criticism from the public. They think the police can’t handle the problem properly and make the public more anxious and afraid of becoming the next victim.

Child abduction cases arise in the midst of this pressure. The child becomes a hostage until Go Moo-chi can uncover the motive and mastermind of the serial murders.


This Korean drama Mouse makes me really curious about every episode. Although at first I was confused, but after patiently waiting for each episode the questions in my head were finally answered hihi So for friends who are watching and confused, be patient~

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