Korean Drama Private Lives Review

Korean Drama Private Lives Review. Last October, there were many new Korean dramas that made the viewing more varied. One of them is a Korean drama entitled Private Lives, starring Seohyun, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Hyo-jin, Yae Won-seok, Kim Young-min, and so on.

Private Lives a new Korean drama that airs on JTBC, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:30 WSK (Korean Standard Time). Private Lives has been launched since October 7, 2020 with an interesting story. The premise itself is about a master con artist, who tries to uncover a big secret of the state. So in this story, all of them are con artists, but the con artists are classy. Watching Private Live makes me shake my head, if in the real world there is such a chaotic world. hehehe..

Synopsys Private Lives

Private Lives has a modern setting, where people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives. There is a group of swindlers who use all their techniques, to uncover the secrets hidden by the top brass of the country.

Those who initially worked for the country, then fought back and used all their abilities to uncover the truth, ‘private life’.

Cha Joo-eu is a female con man who cheats in order to survive, and Jung Bok-ki a professional con artist who ranks in the top one percent deceives Joo-eun’s family.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hwan, the manager of a mysterious team at a large company, and Kim Jae-wook, an ambitious con artist who partnered with Jung Bok-ki, try to uncover the truth.

Detail Drama Private Lives

Title : Private Lives

Genre: Drama, Crime, and Romance

Director: Nam Geon Author: Yoo Sung-yeol

Country of Origin: South Korea

Episodes : 16 episodes

Duration: 70 minutes each

Production house : Doremi

Entertainment Distributor: JTBC, Netflix

Release : October 7th – finished

Private lives


The story in the Korean drama Private Lives is about the lives of master con artists. Where personal data is no longer protected, but can be accessed by fraudsters to manipulate/drama to reveal any government plans or ideas about greedy companies.

The first episode of Private Lives tells the story of Cha Joo-eun’s life in high school. He was educated by his parents, to be able to do documentaries/manipulate others for profit. For example, they deliberately pretended to be hit by two drunken lovebirds.

In the end they got the money. private life jtbc drama private life jtbc drama when will air private life, seohyun drama private life 2020 kdrama private lives netflix drama private lives jtbc synopsis korean drama private life seohyun go kyung pyo Go Kyung-po as Lee Jung-hwan Cha Hyun-tae as Joo-eun’s father also manipulates people into beggars, who can’t walk.

He’s caught cheating, and while disillusioned people cheer him on, Jeong Bok-gi shows up and pretends to be a church administrator. he manipulated the people that Cha Hyun-tae who pretended to be a beggar was actually a priest. So the scams overlap.

There’s a gang. But the rest of the gang were just paid figures, hired to carry out their manipulations. I was shaking my head in surprise, there was someone who cheated so badly.

So far the life surrounding the impostor has been revealed, that there was no way to become a swindler. But because they were invited and taught to be fraudsters, those who carried out manipulation/documentary actions were the path they chose.

But I suspect that getting here, these clever and clever scammers are being used by Gk Technology to make a profit so they don’t get their hands dirty. Because it turns out that these scammers are smart people who got scholarships from GK Technology, because of their intelligence. And it is natural for them to have to work for them.

Moral Of The Story

Watching the Korean drama Private Lives made me more careful with my surroundings, and when I was outside. Because crime outside the home is never predictable. The bottom line is that being alert is important.


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