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Record of Youth: Drama Starring Park Bo Gum

Record of Youth: Drama Starring Park Bo Gum. Korean drama fans must be familiar with Park Bo Gum. The actor has been in the acting world since 2011 but has only reached his popularity since he starred in the popular drama Reply 1988 as Choi taek. The drama reply 1988 aired from late 2015 to early 2016.

Early 2020 park bo gum was confirmed to play in the drama Record of youth which aired on tvN. Of course, this makes fans excited who are waiting for Park Bo Gum’s latest drama project. As a Park Bo Gum fan, I certainly couldn’t wait when I first heard this news.

Storyline Record of Youth

Drama Record of youth tells how these four characters are all at a young age into adulthood where at this age they are trying to achieve their dreams. How they work, how they compromise with their respective family circumstances, how they find new things, and how they also lose the things they once had.

I think this drama represents a lot of people who are and are still fighting for their dreams. The middle life crisis is not an easy thing, especially when the troubled family situation makes it worse. For me, who is also in my mid-20s, I am also going through a middle-life crisis, especially in the extraordinary pandemic conditions testing mental health. This drama is very meaningful and very relatable.

When I watched episode 2 of this drama I cried because I knew it was clear what it felt like to be in Sa Hye jun’s position. Sa hye jun has worked hard but the results are still zero in the eyes of his father. For me, this drama is very personal because the story is very relatable to me and maybe you who are reading this. I’ll talk about the characters first.

record of youth drama

Record of Youth characters

Sa Hye Jun is played by Park Bo Gum

Sa hye jun, a young model who wants to become an actor many times has to deal with the realities of the world of work which is very difficult to live, especially when he comes from a family that does not support him, only his grandfather who is always by his side. His father and brother always looked down on Hye Jun and thought that Hye Jun was a waste of time while pursuing his dreams.

A Jeong Ha is played by Park So Dam

An Jeong Ha is an honest and straightforward person. She is not the type of girl who is shy or harbored feelings, she is a very open and to the point person. What does he think he says.

Won Hae Hyo played by Byeon Woo Seok

Growing up in a rich family doesn’t make Hae Hyo an arrogant person, even though he is very humble, he doesn’t look at people from the material, physical, etc. very sincere with people.

Interesting things about this drama:

– Tells about the various conditions of young people who are trying to reach their dreams.
– Shows the process of each character coming to terms with his situation and himself.
– Shows that in the end no matter how bad the family does to us, we can’t leave the family.
– It’s never too late to chase a dream.

Deficiency :

– This drama is quite boring in my opinion because the characters are just like that
– Some of the conflicts are too pushy.
– The love of chemistry is lacking in my opinion. I’m used to the main couple because both Sa Hye Jun and An Jeong Ha are people who focus on their work so they don’t get along because basically, they are both ignorant.

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