Milky Desserts

Coconut Cup Dessert

Ingredients for Coconut Cup Dessert Recipe

4 water glassesmilk
1 water glassdose sugar
2 tablespoonsun
2 tablespoonsstill
2 tablespoonsbutter oil

To cover: 1,5 cups coconut

How to Make Coconut Cup Dessert Recipe?

Put all the custard ingredients except butter in a saucepan. Stir with the help of whisk until the consistency flows.
Add butter before taking it from the stove. Remove from the stove when it melts in butter and meets all the ingredients.
Wet a standard size water glass with water. When you take your custard from the stove, stir warm. Then transfer to water glass.
Tap the base of the water glass on the light table so that it is evenly distributed throughout the glass.
Divide the custard in the cups until finished. Cool at room temperature first. Then cool in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
After cooling, turn the glass upside down and carefully remove your custard. Divide the custard with a knife in half or three if you wish.
Spread the coconut in a flat plate. Soak the pieces in coconut and put them on the serving plate. You can serve it by decorating it with clove grains. Enjoy your meal.