Cyprus Dessert

Cyprus Dessert



4 eggs
1 cup + 1 spoon of bread crumbs
Half a glass of oil
A little more sugar than half a glass of water
1 packet of baking powder
1 Cup of coconut
1 Cup of crushed walnuts (optional)
For cream, you will need:
1 Cup of wheat starch
1 pack of whipped cream
1 liter of milk (5 glasses)
6 Scoops of sugar
1 packet of vanilla

Requirements for Sherbet:

2.5 cups of water
1.5 Cups of granulated sugar
1 packet of vanilla


First of all, let’s prepare the sherbet first since the sherbet must be poured cold.
Let’s put the water and sugar in the pot and let it boil. Let’s start boiling under the stove and boiling for 10 minutes after it starts to boil. After removing the sherbet from the stove, add the vanilla and mix. Let’s wait for it to cool.
For the cake of the dessert, firstly whisk the eggs and sugar until foamed. Then, let’s put our other ingredients and whisk. Let’s pour the cake we prepared into the greased tray (debt) where we will cook it.
Let’s cook in the preheated oven at 160_170 degrees (may vary depending on your oven) for 35 minutes. After the cake is baked, let’s pour our cold syrup equally to all parts of the cake. Let’s wait for the cake to cool.
Note: We add the whipped cream last.
Let’s take our pot first. Let’s add sugar and milk into it and mix. Then add the vanilla and starch and put it on the stove. Let’s cook until we have the consistency of pudding. Let’s add the whipped cream after taking it out from the stove. Whisk for 5-10 minutes with the help of a whisk or mixer. (In order not to clump).
Finally, let’s pour the cream we prepared on our cold cake and spread it with a spatula. Sprinkle it in coconut to cover it.
After waiting 4-5 hours in the refrigerator, it is ready for service.
Bon Appetit..