Sherbet Desserts

Ekmek Kadayıfı

Ingredients for Bread Kadayfi Recipe

1 piece of ready-made bread kadayif
5 cups powdered sugar
8 cups of water
1/2 tlimon

To soak the bread kadayif:
2 cups of water

For Shuttle:
300 grams of cream
100 grams of walnut

The Key to the Bread Kadayifi Recipe

The tray where you will cook the bread kadayif should be considerably larger than the diameter of the prepared kadayif. Dried sherbet and sponge structure dry bread will grow as the kadayfi grows.

Bread Kadayif Recipe Cooking Suggestion

After you open the caramel with a little hot water you prepare, you can pour kadayfi on the base of the tray and place the kadayfi on it. Thus, the base of the dessert will be caramel color and the upper side will be lighter.

How to Make Bread Kadayfi Recipe?

Unpack the bread kadayif which you will use for making dessert and which is dry. Sold in two layers of kadayif 2 cups of water with water, soak on one side.
1 cup powdered sugar does not burn, transfer to a non-stick teflon pan. On low heat, caramelize the powdered sugar with gentle stirring in between.
Boil the water you will use to make powdered sugar and sherbet in a deep saucepan.
Add lemon juice and peel sugar to the boiling sherbet mixture. Stir quickly with a whisk.
Thanks to the caramel brown color and a very slight smell of burn sugar is ready. Squeeze the juice of the bread kadayif you soaked with clear water.
Put the bread kadayif on the baking tray and place on the stove. On a separate stove, slowly scoop the sherbet mixture over the kadayif, still boiling over low heat.
Rest the sherbet in between to allow the kadayif to inhale. In low heat, to keep the bottom of the dessert; rotate the tray in between and continue to add all the syrup gradually.
After slicing the sweet dessert, serve with walnut and clotted cream. Share this sweet flavor with your loved ones.