Milky Desserts


Ingredients for Güllaç Recipe

12 rose leaves
3 liters of milk
3 cups powdered sugar
1 pack of vanillin
2 cups walnut inside
For the above:
8 pieces of strawberry
8 pieces of fresh mint leaves
4 tablespoons powdered pistachios
4 tablespoons walnut kernels (finely ground)

How to make Güllaç Recipe?

Put the milk in a deep saucepan and add to the powdered sugar.
Add 1 pack of vanillin into the milk and mix until the sugar melts over medium heat. Remove milk from the stove when it reaches a slightly warm temperature.
Chop the 2 cups of walnut with a knife so that it is big and small and comes to the tooth consistency.
Add a scoop of warm milk into the bowl you will prepare.
On top of the container you will use depending on the size of the rose leaves you add.
Make sure that the glossy part of all the rosepots is on top, and that they are all well moistened, then put half of the leaves in the container in your container.
After waiting for 5 minutes to take the milk from the rose-pudding leaves, pour plenty of chopped walnuts and soak the remaining rose-pudding leaves and add on.
After waiting for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator, cut and serve portion.
Garnish with fresh mint leaves, strawberries, battered walnuts and powdered peanuts and consume with your loved ones.