Milky Desserts

Keşkül-ü Fukara

Ingredients for Keşkül-ü Fukara Recipe

1 liter of raw milk (or pasteurized milk)
1,5 coffee cup powder almond
5 tablespoons rice flour
1 water glass powder sugar

Knack of the Recipe for Keşkül-ü Fukara

When you use classic cow milk and buffalo or goat milk together, you will have a perfect flavor consistency. You can also use cow milk as described in our recipe. The use of water buffalo or goat milk will only aggravate its flavor. If you don’t have powdered almonds, you can keep the raw almonds in hot water and remove the shells and then pass them through the rondo to obtain the powdered almonds. You can also put powdered pistachios or coconut. You can also find gum or vanilla. You can also use starch or 1 egg yolk.

How to make Keşkül-ü Fukara Recipe?

Take the raw milk into a saucepan and bring to a good boil.
Then stir to room temperature.
Add the powdered sugar, powdered almonds and rice flour to the milk inside the pot and take it to the stove.
Start by stirring. As it is cooked, its consistency will intensify and its flavor will flourish.
When it is thick, remove it from the stove and warm with stirring. Then share in bowls or cups and chill in the refrigerator for several hours.
After cooling, decorate and serve. Enjoy your meal.

Service Suggestion of Keşkül-ü Fukara Recipe

You can add almonds or powdered pistachios.