Sherbet Desserts

Künefe in the pan

Ingredients for Künefe Pan Recipe

For Künefe:
400 grams of kadayif
250 grams of kunefe cheese
120 grams of melted butter

For sherbet:
2,5 cups of water
2 cups powdered sugar
3-4 drops of lemon juice

To lubricate the pan:
1 teaspoon of butter

For the above:
70 grams of powdered pistachios

Cooking Suggestion

If you wish, you can prepare your künefeler in smaller pans. When you cook in smaller pans, you can turn it by closing a plate and lid of the same size.

How to Make Künefe Recipe

For sherbet:
Bring water and sugar into the pot. Stir the sugar to melt.
When the sugar melts and the water begins to boil, add the lemon.
When it gets thick, take it from the stove and let it rest at room temperature.

For Künefe:
Divide the Kadayifs into tiny pieces by hand. Into a container.
Add the melted butter on it gradually. Blend beautifully.
Slice your cheeses thinly.
Lubricate your roof and spread a portion of the kadayif to the floor. Press firmly with your hand.
Index the sliced ​​cheeses on top.
Spread the remaining kadayifs so that they are completely covered.
Open the bottom of the stove. Cook one side for 5 minutes.
Fully cover the pan lid and turn the pan over. Transfer the kadayif onto the lid.
Lubricate the pan again. Carefully transfer the pan to the pan and fry the other side.
Give the warm sherbet to the roast beef. Take the sherbet from the stove and transfer to the plate.
Serve with garnished with pistachios.