Turkish Delight

Sultan Delight

For break:
2 bags whipped cream
1 glass of water Milk

To find:

1 cup coconut

For the above:
30 pieces of nuts

Tricks of the Sultan’s Turkish Delight Recipe

To avoid breakage when winding, make sure that it is neither too thin nor too thick when pouring into the pipe.

How to make sultan delight?

Put the milk, flour, butter and sugar in a pot, stir well and open the bottom of the stove.
Without stopping the stirring, mix until the custard has a consistency and starts to boil. After starting to boil, add vanilla, stir and close the bottom of the stove
Pour hot into hot pipe. If you do not have a very large debt, you may need to use two or three. When pouring custard borça be neither too thin nor too thick.
Refrigerate and allow to stand for at least 3 hours, ideally overnight
For the break; Beat 2 bags of cream construction site with 1 cup of milk and lift into the cupboard to cool.
Take the cooled custard from the closet. Cut into long thin strips with a knife, apply cream to the construction site and roll with a spatula.
Throw the rolls on a plate full of coconut and have them covered with coconut.
Then place on a serving plate. In this way, prepare all the delight.
Garnish with nuts and serve.